REQUEST AN Inspection  

If you suspect poor workmanship or irregularities, it is advisable to have the Builders Work checked immediately.

Ideally you should have an NICRC, accredited Inspectors onsite throughout the entire building process to ensure that all regulations are being followed. If not possible it is highly suggested that inspections be done at the completion of the following stages:-


Stage 1  Foundation

Stage 2  Roof height

Stage 3  Storm water

Stage 4  Practical completion

Stage 5  Carpentry

Stage 6  Plumbing

Stage 7  Electrical

Stage 8  Waterproofing

* Additions / Alterations

* Final Stage Completed House

* Have the Home Inspected prior to Purchasing

The costs of inspections are affordable and relative to your investment. The cost is determined by the current stage of the Construction and/or what is required to be inspected

Should you wish to pursue with an inspection contact the NICRC on 086 727 7117 or , click to open and Save or print the 'REQUEST INSPECTION FORM' and Fax to 086 670 4520. You will be contacted with a quotation.